why journaling

Journaling is a way to express your thoughts, emotions, mental issues and life experiences.

It is generally a record of life’s observations and experiences, where you can track whatever happens in your day to day life.
If something good happens then you can actually find out the reason behind that and vice versa.

There are no such rules where you should Journal in particular type. Just write there like a free bird, nothing is rights or wrongs.
You and only you decide what should be written in the journal.

Why to journal?

Journaling is a way, where you can check on your strengths and weaknesses and there is no better way than having a self introspection session throughout the self improvement/self monitoring journey in form of journaling.

Now we will tell you reasons why you should keep a journal?

1. Clarity to mind

Journaling helps you in clearing your mind and creates a mental space to think. When you jot down your directionless thoughts into paper by writing whatever comes in your mind in an organized form then you will suddenly experience some sort of relief in your mind.

For example: If you stuck in some situation where you have so many choices in front of yours and you can’t even decide what you should do next then just take pen and your Journal & jot down the situation which confuse you, write down positives and negatives of that situation than simply analyze it and then take the decision with much confidence. Yes! Journaling helps in clarity, creativity, perplexity and productivity in your life.

2. Preserves memories

Journaling is probably the best way to improve memory. Can you exactly remember what color of shirt you wore 5 days back? Can you tell us exactly what you ate last Sunday morning? Did you remember that? It is quite amazing that we can’t remember trivial details from our day-to-day life. We can only tell about any special incident from your life.

We can write about today in elaborative form but as we go in our past we generally think a lot and even after that we can’t write much about that particular time. So journaling is a good way to maintain everything and keep a record of each single day.

According to research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Expressive writing reduces intrusive and avoidant
thinking about a stressful experience.

3. Improves your style of writing

Aspiring writers hold on, this one’s for you. Your writing
improves manifolds if you are persistent and consistent in journaling. The more you write the better you become in your writing styles, the better you explore your writing and try out different genres and techniques of writing. It is not necessary to only write about your day, you can write more on your ideas.

If you are passionate about your writing then it is suggested to try journaling at least for 30 days and then see the difference in your writing.

4. Better observer

Journaling is indeed the way to sharpen your senses. You can actually be a keen observer of trivial things in life. Be it observing nature, people, incidence (both negative and positive) and experiments. When we write something we pay a different kind of attention. It not only helps in better observation but also in living a much better life.

5. Goals

You can write your future 1 year or 5 year goals and can track the progress and growth. Writing goals gives you clarity in life and also set as a reminder when you start losing the track. You can actually check what’s wrong with the progress, where you are lacking? What’s keeping you back? What is the main hindrance to the success of the goal?

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