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If you haven’t started journaling then you should. Journaling on a daily basis not only helps you in self-realization, self-discovery and self-introspection but will also increase your productivity.

It’s quite difficult to do anything like a pro, if you don’t possess any prior information. Let’s say you want to learn football then of course you need to clear your basics and should be aware about the rules so that you can focus more on practice part for better productivity same applies in journaling too. Journaling has its rules. It’s a kind of procedure you should maintain so that you can see improvement throughout.

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To get most out of journaling it is suggested to try different methods of journaling and choose the one which best suits you.

Presenting some of the most powerful techniques used in journaling for increasing productivity.

1. Bullet Journaling
bullet journal is a method of personal organization developed by designer Ryder Carroll.
It is quite useful for both students and working professionals as they can track and organize their daily tasks, habits and schedules meetings as per tracked records.

For bullet journaling it is better to have a journal having blank pages. You can find bullet journals in vivid and colorful templates.
A bullet journal can be minimal or creative or colorful or quite a mixture of all.  

2. Art journal
Art journal is another most used form of journaling. You can try your hands in different forms of art here and can show your creativity.
You need not to be an artist while maintaining art journals. You can start with simple doodling or from sketches. No matter how amateur or virtuoso you are, you can maintain an art journal without fear of being judged.

3. Gratitude journal
Gratitude is an attitude of being thankful to each single blessing in your life no matter how trivial that blessing is. Gratitude journal may act as a life changing. Writing gratitude journal increases your productivity to a large extent. It just reduces stress in life and makes you calm while taking the most important decisions in your life.

It is suggested to write in a gratitude journal once or twice a week. You can write your experiences from the past or present and show your gratitude towards it. You can write about the most important person in your life or you can write about your accomplishments in life.

4. Dream journaling
Another useful technique to enhance your creativity and productivity is dream journaling. It is generally suggested to keep your dream journal just beside your bed so that when you wake up you write whatever you remember.
It not only enhances your creativity but also helps you to track your dreams and enhance your brain power.

5. Reading journal
Reading journal is maintaining a journal from whatever you read in a day either from books or articles. You can write facts, figures, quotes, experiences, your point of view and your life lessons.
Reading journals is quite a foreign concept to most of the people but yes maintaining journals of motivating quotes and experience after reading great books is quite helpful in the long run.

Motive behind reading a journal should be to analyze, respond and reflect.

It is helpful to those who like to read books and want to maintain lessons learnt from books.

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