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Self discovery is the most crucial part in anybody’s life and it is better to discover yourself before taking some major life decisions. If you don’t know who you truly are, you are just heading towards the journey where there is no destination where in the middle you will just burn out.

It is pretty good if you start it early but if you didn’t then it’s completely fine. As there is no perfect time to discover yourself. NOW is the best time to start with.

When you discover yourself, you allow yourself to give a deep thought on your life’s purpose, your long term goals, short term goals, things you are good at , things you are terrible at, things you achieved so far, your failures, your regrets, your life lessons, your beliefs, your inner peace—- basically it FOCUS on you.

When you understand yourself in a better way, you can actually take the right kind of actions to grow in life.

And the best way to discover you is writing everything on paper. We suggest you to use self-discovering prompts because when you start to journal there are chances where you might frustrate and just stare at a blank page and don’t even know what exactly you should write. You can write easily if you know the prompt Beforehand. So, lets buy handcrafted antique leather diaries online to get start your journaling journey.

Discover yourself through 30 days journaling prompts

Here are our suggested 30 days journaling prompts for self discovery. You can use it in any sequence.

  1. What are the 10 things you are grateful for at this very moment?
  2. What is your strength? And how can you work more on that?
  3. What are your weaknesses? And how can you convert it as your strength?
  4. What’s your purpose in life? Are you working in the direction of your purpose? If not, then why? If yes then how far are you now?
  5. What is your biggest fear? Did you overcome it? If you don’t then how will you overcome it?
  6. What are your achievements in life?
  7. What are you passionate about in life? Do you have any plans where you want to convert your passion into your profession?
  8. What Does your dream life look like?
  9. What are your biggest life lessons? Are you learning from those lessons or just wasting time in regrets?
  10. What’s the best piece of advice you want to give it to your future self?
  11. What are the 5 things you love about yourself? You can write 5 qualities of yours too.
  12. What step you should take to move yourself out of your comfort zone?
  13. Write down something about your repetitive mistakes? Why can’t be able to overcome it?
  14. Who is your inspiration?
  15. Turning point of your life?
  16. What are your expectations from your own self?
  17. What’s your priority?
  18. Where do you see yourself in 1/3/5 years?
  19. What would you like to tell your past self?
  20. Your source of happiness?
  21. If you could change anything now, what would it be?
  22. Do you feel that anything is missing from your life right now?
  23. What is one thing you’ve always wanted to try that you haven’t yet?
  24. How can you enjoy your life more?
  25. Who is responsible for your good or bad life?
  26. Have you accepted your own self?
  27. Habits you want to build in next few months?
  28. Things you are always worried about?
  29. Did you take any risk that made you proud of yourself?
  30. What is your definition of satisfaction?
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