Table Lamps

Table Lamps

A table lamp is a small electric lamp used to light up a table or other piece of furniture. Table lamps have the advantage of providing a mild light that is concentrated primarily on a certain part of the bed, making them less invasive. In this manner, if someone needs to get up in the middle of the night to fetch anything from the bedside nightstand, they won’t wake anyone up.

Different Types of Table Lamps

Table lights are also very simple to install, relocate, and test out, so you don’t have to settle for just one. They’re the ideal ornamental item to try out in your home. Most will just require a wall outlet to be connected into for power. Various types of table lamps are

  1. Bedside Table Lamp: These table lights, which sit on a nightstand, let us get to bed without stumbling over whatever has dropped on the floor. The final light we switch off before going to bed is the bedside table lamp. This is a must-have in every bedroom or guest room.
  1. Task Light: On home office workstations, table lights are very beneficial. A task lamp directs light to a desk where we perform our job at home. Task lights frequently feature cone-shaped coverings to offer adequate light on the desk while protecting our eyes from being dazzled. 
  1. Twin Table Lamp: Interior designers frequently buy table lights in pairs. In the living room, set a pair of table lamps on accent tables on either side of your sofa, or twin table lamps on matching nightstands on either side of your bed. Another possibility is to arrange them at either end of a console table. This is a timeless decorating option that has been around for a long time. Because of this, table lamps are frequently marketed in pairs. 
  1. Entryway Lamp: Because you most likely already have overhead lighting installed, just one table lamp is required in your home’s doorway. A table lamp in the foyer may provide additional lighting while also displaying your décor individuality. Add it to your console table to complete the aesthetic of your foyer. 
  1. Reading Lamp: If you have a reading nook in your house, you should definitely add a table lamp to go with the accent chair so you can easily spend hours reading in a pleasant part of your home. Adjustable table lights are ideal for this purpose since they can be moved and aimed at what you are reading.

Guide to buy Table Lamp

  • Opt for High-Quality Lighting
  • Consider adjustability
  • Choose the Correct Desk Lamp Size
  • Discover the Best Desk Lamp Positioning
  • Take into account the On/Off Switch Position
  • Clear, bright illumination that is easy to use
  • The beam is focused and has a low glare
  • A flexible design that can accommodate a range of jobs

How to Use Table Lamps to Light Up Your Living room

  • Use a combination of floor and table lighting.
  • Make sure the scale is correct.
  • Recessed lighting should be used sparingly.
  • Don’t be scared to experiment with color combinations.
  • Learn how to pick a table light correctly.
  • Allow your lighting to make a statement.
  • Combine bases and hues.
  • Consider what sort of light you want when merging lighting schemes.
  • Learn everything you can about lighting.

Why choose Auffbeat for buying stylish table lamps online

Auffbeat’s official website has a large selection of Table lamps. You may select among them to improve the appearance of your place. The following are the reasons why you should pick Auffbeat table lamps:

  1. You may select from a broad range of lighting.
  2. Your performance is directly affected by how well-lit your environment is.
  3. A table lamp for study can help you concentrate better by concentrating sufficient light on the project you are working on, whether it is your child’s desk or your home office, a wide area, or a little desk in the corner of your room.
  4. You may select different shapes and sizes based on your preferences.

Shop a trendy selection of table lamps online at Auffbeat

Swiveling heads swing arms, boom arms, and goosenecks are all conceivable sites of articulation table lamps available online on the official website of Auffbeat. The price ranges from INR 800 to INR 5000. You may choose from a variety of options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) we’re here to help

Q1. What is the normal wattage for a table lamp?

Most lights have a maximum power rating of 60 watts. The good news is that domestic LED bulbs are typically significantly less than 60 watts, producing the same or more lumens for less wattage than alternatives.

Q2. Where should you put a table lamp?

They will guide light down below the shade and provide an excellent, focused beam of light for activities such as reading. Place task lighting table lamps near where the light is needed, such as alongside the sofa or next to the bed.

Q3. What is the best height for a table lamp?

Lamp Height – A decent rule of thumb is to look for a table lamp that is 30″ tall from the bottom of the base to the top of the shade/finial. Without being too technical, the lamp’s top should be between 58″ and 64″ above the ground.

Q4. Which bulb is best for table lamp?

LED bulbs in soft white (2700K) are appropriate for use in table and floor lamps, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, corridors, and ceiling fittings.

Q5. Do table lamps in the living room have to match?

Consider lighting to be the living room’s jewelry – not a matching pair of earrings, but a set of bangles. This implies that living room lights do not have to match, but they must have a consistent appearance and feel.

Q6. Are table lamps good for studying?

When a desk lamp has an opaque shade and the light is directed directly at the content being read, it is healthy for your eyes. When worn over the shoulder, the light might cast a glare on the material, causing eyestrain.

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