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Floor lamps are tall fixtures with a weighted base that are meant to be placed on the floor in order to provide light higher up in a room. A staple of interior home decor, the floor lamps for the living room provide a functional way to light your space without the need for overhead lighting. The type of lamp chosen, its materials, positioning, and even the light bulbs used in these home lighting options, also known as standing lamps, can influence the ambiance and mood of a room.

There are many different types that you can buy floor lamps online for different rooms; however, each lamp has a specific name and serves a specific purpose. Some floor lamps for the living room are intended to illuminate a small area, whereas others can illuminate a room from various angles and even include storage. Within each category, there are a variety of styles that can be used to complement various designs.

Types of Floor Lamps

You can buy floor lamps online from Auffbeat’s website:

  1. Torchiere:

A torchiere is a type of floor lamp that is easily identified by its upright, torch-like shape with the lighting fixture pointing upward at the end of a column. The name was inspired by the French word for “torch.”

  1. Club Lamp:

The club lamp, which is a stick lamp designed for area lighting, is another popular type. A three-way or twin socket controlled by a pull chain is typical of these lamps.

  1. Tray Lamp:

The tray lamp is essentially a club floor lamp with a tray at table height inserted. Many tray lamps have multiple legs to help them stay level without being adjusted. To suit various design styles, the trays of various lamps may be made of glass or other materials such as wood, marble, metal, plexiglass, and more.

  1. Adjustable Club Floor lamp:

An adjustable swing arm lamp, like an adjustable club lamp, can provide different types of light—but instead of changing the lamp’s height, its arm can be moved in different directions.

Adjustable swing arm lamps are frequently more expensive than the standard club or torchiere lamps. However, depending on the materials used, they can be found within any budget. For the best quality, high-end metals are used, and a large lamp base is also beneficial to help it stand straight.

  1. Arched Lamp:

An arched lamp is distinguished by a curved rod that angles up and over from the base, usually in a circular shape, with the light fixture at the end. Arched lamps are ideal for illuminating the floor and can be styled over furniture.

Things to keep in mind while buying floor lamps:

  1. Purpose:

Consider the primary reason for your desire for floor lamps for the living room. Before making a purchase, consider your space and how you intend to use it. This will ensure that you get the best floor lamp for you.

  1. Light requirements:

You can select from super bright LED lighting that can illuminate even the darkest of rooms. Alternatively, for a small sitting area where you will be mostly reading, you can choose a more ambient type of lighting.

  1. Kind of light required:

Lower levels of lighting and a lower height are ideal for reading. A taller floor lamp with a bright LED bulb is a better choice for brightening up a dark room.

How to use Floor Lamp to improve the visual appearance of your home

  • Select eye-catching pieces.
  • Improve the lighting in your room.
  • Add a one-of-a-kind floor lamp to your home office.
  • Add artistic lighting to your ceiling.

Floor Lamps by Auffbeat:

The floor lamps for the living room, perhaps more than any other item in your home decor, caters to both form and function. Buy Floor lamps online that instantly brighten any space while also adding a personal touch. Floor lights can set the tone for the entire room, when you want them to blend in with your furnishings. Living room floor lamps can be the focal point of your room or add an understated elegance to your current theme. You can buy lamps online from Auffbeat’s official website from INR 850 to INR 3000.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) we’re here to help

Q1. What materials are used to make different types of floor lamps?

Lamp bases are typically made of nickel-plated brass. Tungsten coils (called filaments or cathodes) are used in the lamps. The tungsten coil is encased in an emission material. The emission material is a triple oxide (BaO, CaO, SrO) + ZrO2 in amounts ranging from 4 to 12 mg/lamp depending on the type.

Q2. Can a floor lamp illuminate the entire room?

Floor lamps for the living room can provide a lot of good quality ambient light and brighten up any room. When using floor lamps to provide much of the ambient light in a room, the key is to aim for an even distribution of light throughout the space.

Q3. Which floor lamp provides the most light?

In rooms that require a lot of light, a torchiere, club lamp, six-way lamp, or adjustable options are ideal. Down bridge lamps and pharmacy lamps offer targeted bulbs that do not brighten the entire room if you need to light a specific area.

Q4. What are the various shapes of floor lamp shades?

The size and shape of the lamp base usually determine the shape of the shade (bell, coolie, drum, empire, hexagon, square).

Q5. What kinds of bulbs are used in floor lamps?

A halogen incandescent bulb is a good choice for a dimmable table lamp or floor lamp. It emits a nice warm glow in all directions while using 20-30% less energy than a standard incandescent bulb. If you don’t need your lamp to dim, CFL bulbs are ideal if you can find a suitable color temperature.

Q6. Is Auffbeat’s floor lamps durable?

The material of a floor lamp’s base can affect its durability as well as its decor style. Consider a solid material, such as nickel-plated brass, for a high-quality floor lamp. While solid metals and woods are more expensive, they are typically more durable and last longer.

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