Handcrafted Home Décor

“It Takes a Hand to Build a House, but only a Heart can Build a Home!” We at Auffbeat live by the spirit of this adage and our premium range of Handmade Home Décor Items also reflects the same. Home Décor, especially Handcrafted Home Décor plays a vital role in transforming a house into a home by giving it a district personality.

Auffbeat offers a wide array of decorative décor items which can bring any home to life by adding distinct flair. Our range includes Decorative Umbrellas, Handmade Wooden Lamps, Handmade Umbrellas, and Handmade Home Décor Items. Apart from this, you will also find a variety of Handcrafted Parasol Umbrellas, Lamps & Lights, Floor Lamps, Hanging Lamps, Wall Sconce Lamps, Festive Lights, Handicraft Wall Décor, Hanging Decorations and many more Floor & Table Attractions available here.

All the décor items found in our catalogue have been carefully curated and crafted by experts who specialize in creating unique handcrafted décor for your homes. What makes our decorative umbrellas stand out from the others available on various other platforms is the quality of the fabric and the vibrant colours and designs. The Handmade Umbrellas offered by Auffbeat are carefully crafted by expert artisans and decorated using several elements that are rooted in the Indian tradition and culture. Be it the vibrant colours or the mirror-based design elements, these decorative umbrellas are sure to stand out and apart from others.

Decorative Umbrellas that are listed on our catalogue are not regular umbrellas that you find in the market. These handmade umbrellas have been designed with several traditional decorative embellishments that add a unique charm to them and make them an ideal companion for trips, events and even special occasion.

Another important element that adds a distinct or unique look to one’s home is the light and various lighting artefacts. This is where the handmade wooden lamps that are available in our catalogue come to your rescue. Designed and made by experts, these wooden decorative lamps are ideal to be used in various placed in your home. Our catalogue includes an array of handmade wooden lamps that are available in different, designs, shapes, and sizes to help you find the ideal one that you have been looking for.

When it comes to handmade wooden lamps, there are two important things that buyers should keep in mind i.e., the designer shell of the wooden decorative lamps and the electrical components that make them glow. In line with our commitment to quality, Auffbeat uses premium quality wooden components that are pieced together by qualified craftsmen. Moreover, the electrical components used in the lamp are also sourced from certified suppliers and meet the global standards in safety, making our handmade wooden lamps the best that you can get.

In addition to lamps and umbrellas, Auffbeat is also adding a host of other Handmade Home Décor Items in its catalogue, to help you decorate your home and give it a unique persona that reflects your personality. The variety of handmade home décor items that are available at our e-store have been carefully curated by the experts. These items blend contemporary modernity with the traditional quality and craftsmanship to bring out the best of both eras that can make your home special. Apart from being used personally at your own home, these handmade home décor items also make for a great gift for loved ones be it, family, or friends. These gifts will surely please anyone who receives them, as they will add a matchless feel to their home and always remind them of you, the person who gifted them this unique item.

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