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Journaling is becoming popular these days but the majority of people just write in journals when they are either extremely happy or sad. Whenever they experience something extreme, they pen it down their reaction towards the situation.

Journaling should not only be a written reaction to a particular event, it should be a habit. Writing a journal will be just a waste of time if you are not consistent enough in it.

When you write in a journal consistently you will be able to spot the patterns, thoughts, themes (either positive or negative) from the past, which will pave the way for a better life.

If you know the benefits of journaling then there are chances that you might want to build it as a habit but sometimes you can’t, majorly due to procrastination or any other excuse or maybe due to lack of time.

If you are looking for a way to make a habit of journaling , then we suggest you to just go through the following points once and apply it rigorously.

1. Allocate a proper time

For maintaining consistency in journaling just allocate a proper time. Time allocation should be according to you, as there is no specific or perfect time to write a journal. If you want to write a journal in the morning then make sure you are punctual enough to write in that particular time.

It’s perfectly fine if there is any gap of 1-2 days in between. Just make sure that you should not break the chain of consistency for a longer period of time.

2. Use the right journaling tools.

There are two types of journaling tools, either choose the traditional method of journaling or go after the digital one.

Traditional method means to buy a paper journal and write in it. And digital means choosing any digital apps. As there are advantages/disadvantages of both traditional and digital journaling.

Studies suggested going after the traditional one as writing a journal on paper reduces your chances of distraction but it’s up to you whichever medium you want to choose.

Auffbeat also offers a variety of classic leather diaries online which are unique in its appearance and hence leave no chance to impress the users. We have ensured that quality leather is used to provide it with fine texture and the knitting of papers is done tight and right which will also leave you stunned.

3. Create right type of environment

When you write anything in your journal just make sure that you are in a quiet place where there are no distractions, there’s just you and your writing journal. The main reason behind this is when you are in a space where you don’t hear any voice and see notifications on your screen, you can actually pen down your thoughts in a better way and writing anything makes sense then.

We suggest you to avoid the following common distractions:

  1. Turn off all the digital gadgets in case you are writing in a paper journal and just keep that particular device with you if you are writing in digital form.
  2. Don’t be in a place where you can clearly hear any voice. Just prefer your cozy writing nook wisely.
  3. Consider writing a journal in morning time before anyone else is awake.

4. Date each entry

Memories fade with time so when you write anything in a journal make sure you mention a particular date. As this not only helps you in remembering things but you are also able to analyze your mistakes in life.

Proper chronological order in a journal helps you in tracking your life’s recurring problems easily.

5. Keep it simple

Just pen down your thoughts, don’t go after sentence structuring, you don’t need to be worried in the beginning about how terrible a writer you are. Just simply write there. Your journaling will be much better if you are raw and honest with yourself while you are writing. Slowly & gradually your writing will improve itself.

The secret to getting results that last is to never stop making improvements. It’s remarkable what you can build if you just don’t stop.

James Allen( author of ATOMIC HABITS)
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